Hannu Pohjannoro • Composer

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CV: Teaching



TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences

School of the Arts, Music and Media.

Senior Lecturer of Composition and Music Theory

since 2005.

Lecturer in charge of the composition option.

Subjects: composition, composition techniques,

orchestration, music analysis, thesis supervision.






Moods of Planet Z. (2015) Four different live music settings for the short film Planet Z, directed by Momoko Seto. In co-operation with Tampere Film Festival and Tampere Conservatory.

Kuvasta kuultavaa 2015 (Audible visions 2015). New compositions inspired by paintings by Marika Mäkelä. In co-operation with Sara Hildén Art Museum.

Bus nr 13. (2013-14) Exercices de style by Raymond Queneau composed for stage. Directed by Auvo Vihro. In co-operation with Tampere Biennale.

Expressions. (2012) The expressionists from the 1910’s revisited by student composers one century later. In co-operation with Sara Hildén Art Museum.

MAX Music. (2010) Music for MAX-MSP and live instruments. In co-operation with Tampere Biennale, as a part of the Electroacoustic Afternoon event.

Once in the Wonderful Month of May. (2009) The Book of Songs by Heinrich Heine revisited. Directed by Eriikka Magnusson. In co-operation with Tampere Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre.

Body&Percussion. (2009) New dance works inspired by the photos by A.R. Minkkinen. In co-operation with Tampere Conservatory.

Music for Strings. (2009) New works for student string orchestras for different grades. In co-operation with Tampere Conservatory.

Plugged-in-Acerbi. (2008) Electroacoustic stories based on an excerpt from Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lapland to the North Cape in the years 1798 and 1799 by Giuseppe Accerbi. In co-operation with Verona Conservatory and Tampere Biennale.



Photo © Hannu Pohjannoro.




PROCESS Vilnus 2012.

Napier University, Edinburgh, 2010.

Verona Conservatory 2007, 2008.





Part time teacher in composition and music theory:

Sibelius Academy 1992-93, 1997-2005,

Helsinki University, Dept. of Musicology 1994-98,

Espoo Music Institute 1996-2000,

Helsinki Conservatory 1992-93, 1994-95.